My Strange Sis Review

Title: My Strange Sis
Aliases: Моя странная сестра
My Strange Sister
Release date: 2017-09-23
Developer & publisher: Great Chicken Studio

In one of my previous reviews I joked that currently more than half of Russian GDP must come from Patreon porn games, as you just cannot throw a stone into the Patreon's field without hitting a Russian. Most of those projects are very badly done "let's make some quick bucks" ventures with barely legible Renglish machine translation. Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule, who put much more effort into their creations, like Akabur or Great Chicken Studio.


I Love Daddy Review

Title: I Love Daddy
Release date: 2017-07-28
Developer & publisher: Flamecito

Patreon really has a thing for incest porn games... Clarification - it had a thing for incest games, before the recent change in guidelines, which banned incest from the platform. Nevertheless, eight out of ten adult games on Patreon include incest in some sort of capacity. I'm neither a huge incest fan, nor do I put much faith in Patreon creators, so I was understandably skeptical regarding a game from a first time developer Flamecito, called "I Love Daddy".


The Anax: Call of the Cursed One Review

Title: The Anax: Call of the Cursed One
Release date: 2017-10-19 (Patreon)
2017-10-21 (public)
Developer & publisher: Anaximanes

"The Anax: Call of the Cursed One" is the third entry in the shared interactive fiction universe created by the developer going under the moniker Anaximanes. It is also the third title in the universe chronologically, though all the titles are being released in a different order to that one.

The Anax: Call of the Cursed One Walkthrough

This walkthrough should help you in collecting all the available endings. I can not tell, if these are actually all the endings in the game, because there is no list, but I tried all the options and branches and I'm fairly sure this is a 100 % guide for "The Anax".


No, Thank You!!! Review

Title: No, Thank You!!!
Release date: 2013-06-28
English release date: 2015-02-27
Developer: Parade
English publisher: MangaGamer

Today truly yours will go totally gay for your reading (dis)pleasure, as this is a review of my first yaoi visual novel "No, Thank You!!!". Now, isn't that an awesome title for a Boys Love game - it just begs for someone to use lame jokes, like "No, thank you, we don't want gay sex". But is the game deserving of lame jokes, or is it an actual quality title? Read on and find out.


Space Pirate Sara Review

Title: Uchuu Kaizoku Sara
Original title: 宇宙海賊サラ
Alias: Space Pirate Sara
Release date: 2007-08-24
English release date: 2014-12-26
Developer: Black Lilith
English publisher: MangaGamer

Out of all officially translated "Black Lilith" nukiges, "Space Pirate Sara" probably appeals to the narrowest demography of perverts due to its content, which probably resulted in it never getting a sequel. Nonetheless, I found it one of the most enjoyable visual novels from the said company I have recently played.


Space Pirate Sara Walkthrough

100 % walkthrough for "Space Pirate Sara", published in English by MangaGamer, with all the endings and the CGs collected.


Suddenly a Party Review

Title: Suddenly a Party
Release date: 2016-12-17
Developer & publisher: GDS

"Suddenly a Party" is a short English (and French) language nukige, which nonetheless is a pretty good read, some unfortunate drawbacks notwithstanding.

Suddenly a Party Walkthrough

This is a 100 % walkthrough for "Suddenly a Party" by GDS.
Note: Achievements are enclosed in brackets [ ].
There is only one save slot in the game and precious few places where the saving is allowed, hence the save spots in this walkthrough are more metaphorical than factual.


Fey's Day Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough, which is supposed to help you reach all 6 endings and see all the sex scenes in Fey's Day. Have fun!


Cursed Desires Review

Title: Cursed Desires
Release date: 2005-08-26
Developer & publisher: Vonwert

Vonwert is a mysterious game developer that worked with RPG Maker 1 & 3 back in 2002-2006 and pretty much disappeared after that. His best known game to the VN community is probably his remake of the legendary "Nocturnal Illusion" for PlayStation 1 system, however he also made a few other games, both for PS1 and PS2.


Cursed Desires Walkthrough

"Cursed Desires" is a puzzle-centric adventure game, developed by Vonwert, best known for creating "Dark Illusions" - a "Nocturnal Illusion" visual novel remake in RPG Maker.


Road Trip Review

Title: Road Trip
Release date: 2017-02-11 (Patreon) / 2017-03-05 (public)
Developer & publisher: Malleck

Over the last few years, the number of people, who jumped onto the Patreon crowdfunding platform to raise money for their own erotic game projects, increased exponentially. Everyone and their mother are now trying to create erotic visual novels, adventure games and even RPGs.


Taimanin Murasaki Review

Title: Taimanin Murasaki ~Kunoichi Kugutsu Dorei ni Otsu~
Original title: 対魔忍ムラサキ~くノ一傀儡奴隷に堕つ~
Alias: Taimanin Murasaki: Corrupting into a Female Ninja Dummy Slave
Release date: 2008-10-24
English release date: 2015-04-15
Developer: Black Lilith
Publisher: Rattan Man Translations (as a fan-patch)

"Taimanin Murasaki" is one of the famous visual novels from Black Lilith Taimanin series. In fact, not counting the side stories, it is the third entry in the series, which centers around the demon hunting ninjas. Actually, the first title in the series "Taimanin Asagi" is also known under the alias "Anti-Demon Ninja Asagi".

Taimanin Murasaki Walkthrough

This is a 100% walkthrough for "Black Lilith" nukige "Taimanin Murasaki". The game has been translated into English by Rattan Man Translations and the walkthrough is based on that translation.


Village of Nightmare 2 Review

Title: Village of Nightmare
Release date: 2015-11-15
English release date: 2016-05-08
Developer: akuoti
English publisher: Rand (as a fan-standalone)

I'm happy that the developers of the original "Village of Nightmare" game didn't forget the little gem they created and decided to come back to the setting and create a proper sequel. So many games do not tap the full potential of their settings, thus it's heartening to see that VON universe wasn't set aside for some other projects.


Village of Nightmare Review

Title: Village of Nightmare
Release date: 2011-11-28 (version v1.0)
2012-02-22 (version v2.0)
English release date: 2012-02-15 (version v1.0)
2012-08-16 (version v2.0)
2016-01-08 (Unattended Edition)
Developer: akuoti
English publisher: rabidchibi0 (as a fan-standalone)
duncanmac (Unattended Edition) (as a fan-standalone)

"Village of Nightmare" was a free Japanese doujin game made in RPG Maker XP and using 3D Custom Girl for character creation, thus it's kinda a surprise that there was some good soul, who translated the game to English for mass consumption.


Netorare Imouto Misaki Review

Title: Netorare Imouto Misaki ~Nagasare Kei Imouto no H na Arbeit Seikatsu~
Original title: 寝取られ妹美咲~流され系妹のHなアルバイト生活~
Aliases: Netorare Imouto Misaki ~Ecchi Arubaito Sex Life~
Netorare Imouto Misaki ~My Drifting Stepsister's Part-time H Life~
Release date: 2015-06-26
English release date: 2016-03-17
Developer: acerola
English publisher: m1zuki (as a fan-patch)

If the title hasn't already clued you in, then surely the fact that the game was translated by m1zuki, the god of netorare, will make it obvious to you, what the story is all about. Yeah, it's another netorare game, and considering netorare is one of those erotica genres, which is loved by everyone, I feel obliged to introduce and review the game to the pleasure of all you, dear readers.


Phantom Review

Title: Phantom
Renamed to "Phantom: Revenge" on 2017-10-21
Release date: 2016-10-31
Developer & publisher: Anaximanes

After being deeply fascinated by Anaximanes' first interactive novel "Slugs and Bugs", it would have been unconscionable for me not to play his second effort "Phantom" - a Halloween themed game that was, very fittingly, released on Halloween.


Slugs and Bugs Review

Title: Slugs and Bugs
Renamed to "Slugs and Bugs: Invasion" on 2017-10-21
Release date: 2016-03-26
Developer and publisher: Anaximanes

I'm so glad for my recent run in with interactive fiction novels by Anaximanes. I have never heard of him before, even though "Slugs and Bugs" is almost a year old, but I'll be sure from now on to check on his progress once in a while. As if the title wasn't an indication, "Slugs and Bugs" (let's call it S&B, from now on) belongs to the squick sub-genre of erotic mind control fiction.


Orc Castle Review

Title: Fuu'un! Orc Castle ~Chijoku no Hatsujou Ikusaotometachi
Original title: 風雲!オークキャッスル ~恥辱の発情戦乙女達
Release date: 2014-12-26
English release date: 2016-09-02
Developer: a Matures
English publisher: MangaGamer

"Orc Castle" is an eroge of an unusual genre - a tower defence. It is a pretty short and simple title, which is not exactly a surprise, considering it was originally released by 'a Matures' - a company specializing in short and cheap titles.


eden* Review

Title: eden*
Release date: 2009-09-18
English release date: 2015-01-30
Developer: minori
English publisher: MangaGamer

I kinda neglected my blog for the last few months, so now I feel it's time to return with a review of eden* - one of the better known kinetic novels to the English visual novel fans. The now nigh forgotten controversy regarding its publisher 'minori' might have something to do with it, or maybe it's just because they had a taste of the fanlated trial and then were left hanging dry for five long years, before MangaGamer finally brought the fully translated game to the West.