Hourglass of Summer Review

Title: Natsuiro no Sunadokei
Original title: 夏色の砂時計
Alias: Hourglass of Summer
Release date: 2002-05-30
English release date: 2004-07
Developer: Princess Soft
English publisher: Hirameki International

“Hourglass of Summer” is one of the visual novels released by “Hirameki International” in a DVD-PG format, which makes it nigh unplayable if you don’t know what you are doing. Even if you know what you are doing, this format brings its own share of problems and thus HI eventually got rid of DVD-PG and started releasing games for Windows. That didn’t save the company, but we have overeager hackers to thank for that.

Hourglass of Summer Walkthrough

I have written this walkthrough using a Japanese one as a basis.


A guide how to play Hourglass of Summer on a PC

"Hourglass of Summer" is one of the visual novels released by now defunct "Hirameki International" on a widely reviled DVD-PG format. Theoretically it means that the game should be playable on any device that has a DVD drive - practically it means that you cannot play it at all.


Cinders Walkthrough

In my review of "Cinders" I also included a partial walkthrough to that game, however now I think that it needlessly bloats the post. Thus I decided to separate it into a new post.

Baldur's Gate II modding

Last year I have written a personal guide how I modified my installation of "Baldur's Gate" and published it here. This year it would be prudent to repeat the same with its successor.

As I haven't used "Baldur's Gate Trilogy" or "Big World Project", I had to modify BG by myself and so I did the same with BGII. There are a shitload of similar guides on the net, so it's your choice if you pay even the slightest bit of attention to mine.


Cinders Review

Title: Cinders
Release date: 2012-06-20
Developer: Moa Cube
Publisher: Moa Cube

Many VN fans are exaggeratedly critical of OELVNs, but that is not without a basis. Sturgeon’s Law applies to this niche more than to any else. On the other hand, if you search really hard, you might find real nuggets of gold amidst the piles of steaming… fecal matter. In a subversive situation, there was no need to search hard for “Cinders” – a retelling of “Cinderella” fairy tale – as it was a really visible visual novel since even before its release.