The Anax: Call of the Cursed One Walkthrough

This walkthrough should help you in collecting all the available endings. I can not tell, if these are actually all the endings in the game, because there is no list, but I tried all the options and branches and I'm fairly sure this is a 100 % guide for "The Anax".

Eve Addams Path

[Save 1]
Choose to summon The Anax yourself... (Bad End)

[Load Save 1]
Let Brittany summon him instead...
[Save 2]
Try to stop The Anax! (Non-canonical Submissive Bad End)

[Load Save 2]
Flee with Brittany!
[Save 3]
Use shadow magic! (Non-canonical Dominant Bad End)

[Load Save 3]
Resist the urge!
[Save 4]
Stand up and protect these women! (Bad End 'Sinister Sisters')

[Load Save 4]
Sacrifice one of them and flee!
Make a break for it!
[Save 5]
Just give in and enjoy her corruption! (Bad End 'Moonbeam's Madness')

[Load Save 5]
Try and help your friend or run!
Resist the urge to cast shadow!
Avoid using shadow magic, and try to escape!
[Save 6]
Cast the spell and assure you survive! (Bad End 'Eleanora's Pawn')

[Load Save 6]
Take time to think about it more.
Tell Angela the truth and resist using shadow magic.
Sacrifice yourself so that the others may live!
[Save 7]
Sneak back the way you came. (Bad End 'Licking Lexus')

[Load Save 7]
Try to creep past Lexus.
[Save 8]
Hide under the bed! (Bad End 'Deathbed Doom')

[Load Save 8]
Hide in the armoire!
[Save 9]
Investigate the music? (Bad End 'Musical Mayhem')

[Load Save 9]
Hide in the spooky attic?
[Save 10]
Run for it! (Bad End 'Forest Failure')

[Load Save 10]
Cast a spell!
[Save 11]
Check on Harper. (Bad End 'Hanging Around')

[Load Save 11]
Just ignore your friend.
[Save 12]
Flee from Farrah! (Bad End 'Treetop Terror')

[Load Save 12]
Cast an unholy spell!
[Save 13]
Run away! Flee! (Bad End 'Sadistic Sadie')

[Load Save 13]
Cast a spell!
[Save 14]
Run from Angela! (Bad End 'Angela Aroused')

[Load Save 14]
Cast another spell!
[Save 15]
Reach for the book! (Bad End 'Brittany Bound')

[Load Save 15]
Yell for help!
[Save 16]
Try and use the skull to master The Anax! (Bad End 'Body Snatched')

[Load Save 16]
Run away from the possessed woman! (Canonical End 'Eve')

The Anax Path

This path is linear. Simply read through the whole list of contents and you will wrap it up.


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