Kedamono (Kazoku) tachi no Sumu Ie de Review

Title: Kedamono (Kazoku) tachi no Sumu Ie de ~Daikirai na Saitei Kazoku to Kanojo to no Netorare Doukyo Seikatsu~
Original title: ケダモノ(家族)たちの住む家で~大嫌いな最低家族と彼女との寝取られ同居生活~
Alias: In the House of Despicable Family
Release date: 2014-05-02
English release date: 2016-06-01
Developer: Pin-Point
English publisher: anonymous (as a fan-patch)

"Kedamono (Kazoku) tachi no Sumu Ie de" is probably the first purely netorare focused visual novel translated into English language. Of course, there have been a few netorare focused non-VNs translated recently (Minako and Netorare Imouto Misaki come to mind), and some VNs have NTR elements, but "Kedamono" is the first title available in the West to devote itself purely to this fetish.


Dark Illusions Puzzles & Secrets

"Dark Illusions" is a western remake of Japanese visual novel "Nocturnal Illusion". The game introduces adventure game elements, some of whom can be quite tricky to solve. For this end I'll give hints and answers to some of the more difficult puzzles.


Dark Illusions Review

Title: Dark Illusions
Release date: 2002-12-16
Developer & publisher: Vonwert

Even after many many years, "Nocturnal Illusion", released in English back in the Stone Age of 1998, still remains one of my favourite visual novels. Imagine my surprise and astonishment upon learning that there actually exists a Western remake of "Nocturnal Illusion" called "Dark Illusions". I have never heard about such a thing before and I'm actually supremely baffled how such a thing could have escaped my notice. Sure, I am aware of a failed project to create a fan sequel to NI, but "Dark Illusions" is a beast on a completely different level.


fault milestone 2 side:above Review

Title: fault milestone 2 Jou
Original title: fault milestone 2 上
Alias: fault milestone 2 side:above
Release date: 2015-08-16
English release date: 2015-09-08
Publisher: Sekai Project

I really like what ALICE IN DISSONANCE is doing with their "fault" series. The second entry "milestone 2 side:above" (or "fault 2a") in this science fantasy saga is more ambitious and a marked improvement over "milestone one" and I'm eagerly awaiting for the subsequent installment.


Sunrider: Liberation Day Review

Title: Sunrider: Liberation Day
Release date: 2016-03-04 (initial release)
2016-05-24 (Captain's Edition; includes a [Re]turn DLC)
Developer: Love in Space
Publisher: Sekai Project (censored)
Denpasoft (uncensored)

Just a few months ago I finished playing "Sunrider", the original free game from the Western developer "Love in Space" (a very descriptive name). Shortly after that, the sequel titled "Liberation Day" was released commercially on Steam... to overwhelmingly negative reviews. It seems the developers tried so hard to emulate the "Mass Effect" trilogy, that they also copied the main flaws from the series, too.


Princess Trainer Gold Edition Review

Title: Princess Trainer Gold Edition
Release date: 2014-06-21 (original version)
2016-03-20 (Gold Edition)
Developer & publisher: AKABUR

Usually I'm not a big fan of simulation games, be they dating sims or raising sims. I simply don't find much pleasure in juggling various stats, while the story in those games tends to be very sub-par. "Princess Trainer" is a game that is a notable exception to the rule, as it is shaped more like a bona fide adventure game, rather than just a bland raising sim. Its creator Akabur (who usually pens his nod de guerre in all capital letters) created a very compelling package of great artwork, erotic content, likeable characters and engaging quests, and it pulled me in and didn't let go, until I completed it 100 %.