Neighbor & Lingering Memories Review

Title: Rinjin -Neighbor-
Original title: 隣人 -Neighbor-
Release date: 2008-11-21 (original)
2018-09-29 (remake)
English release date: 2018-09-29 (remake)
Developer: Rosalia (original)
Otusun Land (remake)
English publisher: Otusun Land (remake)

"Neighbor" is a short horror visual novel that came to the Western shores due to a very successful Kickstarter campaign. Otusun Land wanted to remake an old classic Japanese VN and they were really successful in their endeavour, earning more then twice the amount asked on KS. Of course, some people could contest the original VN being described as "classic", as no one had heard of that game before the campaign, which is not what a classic is. But anyway, let's look at the recently released remake and see if it can truly be called a modern horror classic.


Church of Nightmare Review

Title: Church of Nightmare
Release date: 2017-09-01
English release date: 2018-05-05
Developer: akuoti
Publisher: Rand

I hope everyone remembers the "Village of Nightmare" games? I have previously reviewed both the two main entries in the series and the western homage. I have always had a soft spot for those games, as their theme of sexual corruption, coupled with a dash of gender-bending really appealed to me. I was quite surprised to find out that there exists a short side game by the same creators, named "Church of Nightmare" and that it has also been stealthily translated into English by the translator of the second game with very few people noticing it.


Netorare Otoko no Ko Review

Title: Netorare Otoko no Ko ~Ore no Osananajimi no Mujaki na Otoko no Ko ga Masaka Sobou na Taiiku Kyoushi ni Yowami o Nigirarete Choukyou Sarete Itsu no Ma ni ka Kairaku ni Oborete Aheahe Double Peace de Video Satsuei Sarete Yorokondeita Da Nante!!~
Original title: 寝取られ男の娘 ~俺の幼馴染みの無邪気な彼女(男の娘)がまさか粗暴な体育教師に弱みを握られて調教されていつの間にか快楽に溺れてアヘアヘダブルピースでビデオ撮影されて喜んでいただなんて!!~
Alias: Netorare Otoko no Ko -As A Cuckold My Childhood Friend Revealed Her (His) Gapeface-
Release date: 2013-07-05
English release date: 2017-03-20
Developer: Otoko no Ko Soft
Publisher: Anonymous (as a fan-patch)

As I have stated multiple times, I really enjoy erotic fiction that features the netorare fetish or shemale/futanari characters. Now, combining those two in a single visual novel makes two great tastes taste great together. It also proves that there are some folks on 4chan (aka the asshole of the internet) with great taste, because one of them translated the game for the enjoyment of us plebs that do not speak Japanese.