Calibration Error Walkthrough

"Calibration Error" is a free visual novel released by Apollo Seven and available on their website and TF Games Site. The game actually has an in-built flowchart (called Tree) to make finding all the endings an easier task, however if you want a straight to the point walkthrough, this one might be good for you. Moreover, it tells you a few secrets, that are not mentioned in the flowchart.


Little Red Riding the Wood Walkthrough

"Little Red Riding the Wood" is a short porn visual novel created by Red Bear and published for free on his Patreon. While the game is quite short, it sports 19 endings, thus this guide is supposed to help you get them all with minimal fuss.

P.S. For some reason there is no Ending 15 in the game. I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature...


Depraved Awakening Walkthrough

This is a 100 % walkthrough that should allow you to see all the content in "Depraved Awakening" by Philly games, with all the CGs, H-scenes and endings and most of dialogue differences.


Cult of Corruption: The Summoning Review

Title: Cult of Corruption: The Summoning
Release date: 2018-05-02 (Patreon)
2018-05-08 (public)
Developer & publisher: Anaximanes

I have loved the previous interactive novels released by Anaximanes, and was really eager to play one of his latest offerings "Cult of Corruption". The title especially enticed me, as it basically belongs to the same subgenre of erotica, as the author's first release "Slugs and Bugs". Namely, its biggest draw for me was squick - that particular genre of erotica perfected by Tabico Mallory and combining eroticism with disgust. I'm not gonna go deep into the explanation, but if you want to know more about squick, just read my S&B review.


Cult of Corruption: The Summoning Walkthrough

This should be a complete walkthrough for the Anaximanes' interactive fiction "Cult of Corruption: The Summoning". The game can be acquired for free on TF Game Site or Hypnopics Collective (requires registration).