Dooms series Review

"There is no horror if there is no fear. There is no fear if there is no horror."

No, dear readers, I'm not gonna be talking about id's "Doom" series. I'm sure there are enough mainstream reviewers to analyze those. What I have in mind, is to introduce you to "Dooms", probably the most infamous RPG Maker game series ever created. So without much delay, let's begin.


Minako ~Kikyou Shita Inaka de Murabito-tachi ni Netorareta Saiai no Tsuma~ Review

Title: Minako ~Kikyou Shita Inaka de Murabito-tachi ni Netorareta Saiai no Tsuma~
Original title: 美奈子 ~帰郷した田舎で村人たちに寝取られた最愛の妻~
Aliases: Minako ~The Most Loved Wife Seduced By Villagers On the Return to the Country~
Minako ~Beloved Wife Who Has Slept With the Villagers of Her Husband's Home Village~
Release date: 2014-12-18
English release date:  2015-04-24 (as a fan-patch)
Developer: Happy Life
English publisher: m1zuki

"Minako" (let's shorten the title to the manageable length) is not a visual novel, but rather an... I was going to say an RPG, but I would have been lying out of my ass. The more apt description would be "an adventure game made in RPG Maker".


Total Seacat Island Review

Title: Total Seacat Island
Release date: 2013-05-05 (EP5)
Developer: Levani
Publisher: Levani

"Total Seacat Island" is the last Umineko fan-game worth talking about. Just like "Witches & Woodlands" it's a comedic affair, albeit an unfinished one. Indeed, only five episodes of TSI were released before the author discontinued his work due to not being satisfied with it. For that matter, you cannot even download the game anymore from its blog, as the links died and the developer never bothered to replace them. Frankly, I don't think the game was so bad, that the dev needed to drop it and never get back to it. To be fair, he had intended to remake TSI, but the endeavour stalled and eventually died too.


Repercussion of the Golden Witch Review

Title: Repercussion of the Golden Witch
Release date: 2012-12-11
Developer: Ozaki
Publisher: Ozaki

"Repercussion of the Golden Witch" is another Umineko fan-game, which somehow flew by everyone's radars. Not only I haven't played it during my Umineko binge a few years back, but it wasn't even included on VNDB before I added it. It's time to see how it fares in comparison to other VNs of the same ilk.