Succubus Tales - Chapter 1: Nicci's Revenge Review

Title: Succubus Tales - Chapter 1: Nicci's Revenge
Release date: 2018-09-09 (Patreon release)
2018-10-09 (Public release)
Developer & publisher: Senryu-Sensei

Ladies, gentlemen and self-aware AIs, do you remember the "Village of Nightmare" series of games? For those who are not familiar with those, they are short RPG Maker adventure games staring a succubus, who infiltrates a human settlement and endeavours to corrupt and turn all the inhabitants into succubi, while having a lot of lewd fun in the process.


Zoe's Temptations Review

Title: Zoe's Temptations
Release date: 2017-08-15
Developer & publisher: Daniels K

Daniels K is one of the better known and definitely one of the most prolific adult game developers on Patreon. Where other creators struggle for years to finish a single game, he has already finished four and is halfway through his fifth foray into the interactive adult entertainment. "Zoe's Temptations" is Daniels K's third game and falls within the adventure genre.


Zoe's Temptations Walkthrough

 "Zoe's Temptations" is a Patreon-funded adult adventure game, released by Daniels K.

This walkthrough is dedicated to two separate playthroughs: one of pure Lust, the other - of pure Faye. It is entirely possible to get most of the content in a single playthrough by alternating one day for Lust and another for Faye, but you will still inevitably miss some scenes and events.

Note: Steps marked by a ++ symbol are parts of two optional side-quests. You don't require to do them to finish the game, but they reveal new scenes and CGs.


The Wind's Disciple Review

Title: The Wind's Disciple
Release date: 2018-01-09 (v1.0)
2018-05-11 (v1.2)
Developer & publisher: Pixel Games

Hallelujah! Can it really be?! Is it really a Patreon-funded adult visual novel that doesn't use a crappy 3D rendered art? Is that even legally allowed? I thought every Patreon creator that tries to make their own art for a video game gets whisked off to a secret government prison and has car battery cables attached to their nads for good measure....