Mad Paradox Review

Title: Mad Paradox
Alias: マッド・パラドックス
Release date: 1992-08-28
English release date: 1994 (DOS)
2008-02-06 (FM-Towns)
Developer: Queen Soft
English publisher: Samouraï Éditions (DOS)
Demoniac (FM-Towns) (as a fan-standalone)

"Mad Paradox" is the only game ever released in English by the French manga publisher "Samouraï Éditions" as a part of its Geisha Pink Zone label before its bankruptcy. Maybe it's for the better, as MP neither got a decent localization, nor was it a decent game to start with.


Sacred Eyes Review

Title: Sacred Eyes
Release date: 2013-04-18
English release date: 2013-08-18
Developer: Enuemu
English publisher: Velociraptor Clint Thrust (as a fan-patch)

"Sacred Eyes" is just another among a myriad Japanese erotic RPG Maker games out there. What's different is that it actually has a full English translation available. Good for us, because it's not a bad game.

Sacred Eyes Walkthrough

This walkthrough is written for an outdated v1.03 version of the game, which has an English translation.
The latest version of this game (v2.01) includes not a small amount of new content (including additional endings), but is not available in English.


Little Princess Review

Title: Little Princess
Alias: リトルプリンセス
Release date: 1986-12-25 (as Sarawareta Miki-chan)/1987-11 (as Little Princess)
English release date: 2014-10-14
Developer: Champion Soft
English publisher: 2.0 Translations (as a fan-standalone release)

"Little Princess" is a retro Japanese adventure game/visual novel. And when I say retro, I mean 1986. Damn, this game is older than me... It was released by "Champion Soft" and served as a precursor to later widely popular Rance saga.


Vitamin Plus Review

Title: Vitamin Plus
Release date: 2013-11-28
Developer: Ark Thompson (using the art by Butakoma 300g)
Publisher: Ark Thompson

"Vitamin Plus" is an odd fish on my site, as it is an eroge, but not a visual novel. The game is made in RPG Maker VX, but it's not an RPG either. It's more of an adventure yarn with lots of dialogue and the only thing preventing me naming it a visual novel is a lack of narration.