NTRPG2: MarieXmas Mini-Review

Title: MarieXmas
Original title: まりくりマリークリスマス in NTRPG2
Aliases: Marie X-mas
Release date: 2014-12-21
English release date: 2015-02-18
Developer: HANATAKA
English publisher: m1zuki (as a fan-patch)

In my recent review of NTRPG2 I have mentioned that the game seemed to lack in content relating to the protagonist's sister Marie. By the end of the game she is corrupted into a slut, but we are missing most of this corruption. It seems many fans were similarly dissatisfied, as the developer has created a very short (about 30 min) game specifically centering on Marie.

NTRPG2 Review

Title: NTRPG2 Yuujun na Filia - Otoko-tachi no Seiyoku Shori ni Sakarau Koto wa Yurusarenai
Original title: NTRPG2 従順なフィリア 男達の性欲処理に逆らうことは許されない
Alias: NTRPG 2 - Obedient Filia and the Unforgivers
Release date: 2014-08-09
English release date: 2015-02-16
Developer: HANATAKA
English publisher: m1zuki (as a fan-patch)
And here we go again... It's the sequel to the iconically named NTRPG - a larger more cohesive game, that while not being a direct continuation of the first game, explores the same themes. That is to say, voyeurism, netorare and useless silent protagonists.


NTRPG Review

Title: NTRPG Netorareta Tiris -Osananajimi wa Bitch na Niku Benki-
Original title: NTRPG 寝取られたティリス -幼なじみはビッチな肉便器-
Aliases: NTRPG - Netorareta Tiris, the Sex Objectified Childhood Friend
NTRPG Netorareta Tiris - My childhood friend is a bitch meat urinal
Release date: 2014-04-10
English release date: 2015-01-18
Developer: HANATAKA
English publisher: m1zuki (as a fan-patch)
With a title like NTRPG, one wouldn't be wrong to assume the title is a netorare focused role playing game. That is not... exactly the case. While the title is catchy and memorable, it's not really an RPG, but rather more of an adventure game. As for the question: "Is it netorare?", the answer is somewhat complicated.


Oppaidius: Tropical Cruise! Review

Title: Oppaidius: Tropical Cruise!
Release date: 2020-01-16
Developer & publisher: SbargiSoft

After a successful Kickstarter campaign for his first visual novel "Oppaidius: Summer Trouble!", its creator Vittorio Giorgi has released a follow-up, subtitled "Tropical Cruise!". What is surprising, is that this follow-up wasn't founded through a KS campaign, and is actually available for free. With the third game in the series about to be released, it's probably fair to consider the series a success.


Bunka no Kenkyū -Revival of Queen Leyak- Review

Title: Bunka no Kenkyū -Revival of Queen Leyak-
Alias: 文化の研究
Release date: 2017-12-01
Developer: BnK Team
Publisher: Devgru-P

Kickstarter is a time tried funding method for various struggling visual novel creators to collect money for their development or translation endeavours. Frequently Kickstarter campaigns end up without any fanfare, with the release of the project to better or worse acclaim. Sometimes, though, they devolve into, let's use a scientific term here, a shitshow. Missed deadlines, broken promises, wasted money... This can be entertaining to the casual observer. However, I consider those campaigns that end with a whimper to be even worse - they simply disappear without nary a farewell. And the developers of a game we'll shortly be talking about, pulled exactly that kind of Houdini-like disappearing act, but not before releasing at least a part of the promise game.


What's Mine Is Yours: Season 2 Review

Title: What's Mine Is Yours: Season 2
Release date: 2020-09-27
Developer & publisher: VitalSigns
Sometimes when writing a review it's a good idea to observe the developer's perspective about his creation. That gives us some insight into the creator's mindset and how they feel about their game. So, let's go and see what VitalSigns says about the continuation of of his cuckqueaning adventure:
Season 2 is probably the worst part of the series, it quickly became a case study in "what not to do" as I systemically fell into every pitfall new writers make.
Okay... Hmmm, I didn't expect that, but at least the author is self-critical. Let's see if his criticism has a basis in reality, shall we?


What's Mine Is Yours: Season 1 Review

Title: What's Mine Is Yours: Season 1
Release date: 2020-08-29
Developer & publisher: VitalSigns

I am hard pressed to think of another fetish as underrepresented, both among the English translated and originally English language visual novels, as cuckqueaning. Up until now I was aware of only one translated VN dealing with this subject, so I'm really glad that a developer by the name of VitalSigns is making a series of short novels specifically revolving around this fetish. Let's try the first of those novels, and see if there is anything worth reading within.