Fey's Day Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough, which is supposed to help you reach all 6 endings and see all the sex scenes in Fey's Day. Have fun!


Cursed Desires Review

Title: Cursed Desires
Release date: 2005-08-26
Developer & publisher: Vonwert

Vonwert is a mysterious game developer that worked with RPG Maker 1 & 3 back in 2002-2006 and pretty much disappeared after that. His best known game to the VN community is probably his remake of the legendary "Nocturnal Illusion" for PlayStation 1 system, however he also made a few other games, both for PS1 and PS2.


Cursed Desires Walkthrough

"Cursed Desires" is a puzzle-centric adventure game, developed by Vonwert, best known for creating "Dark Illusions" - a "Nocturnal Illusion" visual novel remake in RPG Maker.