Suddenly a Party Review

Title: Suddenly a Party
Release date: 2016-12-17
Developer & publisher: GDS

"Suddenly a Party" is a short English (and French) language nukige, which nonetheless is a pretty good read, some unfortunate drawbacks notwithstanding.

I'll get the most unfortunate thing about this game out of the way first - the English language of the developer sucks ass. It's pretty clear that the creator is either a non-native English speaker with only a year of language lessons under his belt or a nigh illiterate twelve years old. And no, French is not the original language of this VN, as that was a translation provided by someone else. Hey, it might even be a better option to play the game in French, if the translator was actually a literate person!
Our hero! Molesting his sleeping sister!
Most of the time I am very sensitive to bad English and throw out such games without a second glance, but "Suddenly a Party" is a rare exception to the rule. The VN is surprisingly fun to play, with different variations to various encounters, many achievements to collect, and good looking 3D renders for an eye candy.

The bane of the recent influx of visual novels pre-rendered in 3D, is that many of the developers simply purchase the complete render packs and include them in their game with minimal alterations, resulting in multiple games having the characters that look exactly the same. I haven't encountered any of the SaP characters in any other Patreon game, thus they look unique among the other similar VNs. Moreover, "Suddenly a Party" is unusual interface-wise, as your usual text box is located on the left side of the screen, rather than at the bottom. It's not a frequently seen GUI decision, and the only other game I have ever encountered it in is "Interns of Ecstasy Island".
But I do it on the second one.
The "plot" of the game can barely be called a plot, rather it's a skeleton of one. Tom is a middle sibling, who lives with his two hot sisters, who hate his guts. One day, his older sister Susie informs him that she will be staying overnight with her boyfriend, meaning Tom is left alone with his younger sister Carrie. The lack of a supervising adult means one thing: Xbox and doritos... who said anything about Tom being smart. Luckily, Tom's older buddy Cameron has just the right idea - a party, and he's gonna invite a ton of girls, the whole two of them, to it. The two lucky girls are best friends Elly and Loane, the former having the reputation as a slut and the latter being a virgin with a crush on Tom. There is just one little snag, Tom needs to get Carrie out of the way first; luckily the medicine cabinet is full of the substances that can aid him in this matter, like Prozac or Lexotan. Because, drugging your younger siblings is so rad...
Best shop service.
I love how tongue-in-cheek the game is. The character interactions are genuinely funny and actually read like something shallow high-school kids would talk about. The narration is in third person, which allows the narrator to frequently lean on the fourth wall and mock our protagonist Tom for the lack of advanced mental faculties. Probably my favourite story scene in the game occurs when Tom visits Not-Walmart to buy alcohol for the party. The ditzy shop assistant not only sells him booze, but also offers weed (because it's already legal anyway) and even ecstasy (because why else it would be hidden in this secret compartment, if not for sale). You can also buy some additional items, like a blindfold or a porn mag, as they are required to get some of the endings.

Note, that you never have enough money to buy all the items, thus multiple playthroughs are required, even more so, because the game only has one save slot, which is actually a negative in this case. The game can become quite complex and a single save slot hampers replayability. At first I thought that the game doesn't even have a skip option, and went through it multiple times, until my hand started cramping due to the fast-clicking. Eventually I did realise that "Space" serves as skip button, which sadly wasn't clear from the start.
That's a daring dress, alright.
Anyway, let's move onto the most important aspect of this game... of any game - sex, which is really good. SaP starts slow, with some solo masturbation sequences to get us in the mood, which move on to the kissing when the guests arrive. Later we get handjobs, blowjobs and finally sex. Depending on your actions, the heat can increase more and more with naughtier scenes, involving blindfolds, threesomes and lesbian encounters. Oh, and let's not forget the obligatory incest scenes; after all, one of the core tenants of every porn game is "if there is a sister in a porn game, by the end she must get boned by her sibling". There is nothing particularly fetishistic about any of the sex scenes in "Suddenly a Party", but they are still hotter than the usual vanilla affairs in your grandpa's moeges.

Ultimately the "plot" doesn't go anywhere and the novel ends with Tom waking up after the party, hence it's not like there is some meaningful ending or anything. Simply put, it's important what you did during the party, not what comes after... just like in real life. And while you are at it, collect all 21 achievements without using a walkthrough, just like I did. :-)
I believe Tom's in heaven.
To sum up, "Suddenly a Party" is a short but pretty nice masturbatory aid with some technical drawbacks. I  already mentioned the bad English and a single save slot, so just add the fact you can only play it in windowed mode to a mix. If that doesn't scare you, you are welcome to try the game - it's completely free.

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Final Verdict: 73%

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  1. Anonymous28/3/18 19:14

    could be a good game can not get past the spin the bottle game not giving me an option to choose truth or dare all ready went 150 rounds and getting the same options on all the charictors