The Wind's Disciple Walkthrough

"The Wind's Disciple" is a Patreon-funded visual novel, released by Pixel Games.
The game is freely available on the developer's blog.
More information is available on VNDB.

This is a step-by-step walkthrough, designed to show you all the scenes in the game, both main and secondary ones, that can be missed. While the game has an in-game hint option, it will only show what's needed for the main quest and won't delve into the side-quests. Additionally, it is not always completely correct.

Anyway, maybe it's possible to streamline the walkthrough a bit and see everything in a smaller number of steps, but I cannot be bothered to try and do it. :-) 

Majority of the choices in this game consist of where you go in the map and who you talk to. Let's begin.