Armored Warrior Iris Review

Title: Soukou Kijo Iris
Original title: 装甲騎女イリス
Alias: Armored Warrior Iris
Release date: 2006-03-24
English release date: 2014-07-18
Developer: Black Lilith
English publisher: MangaGamer

As you probably have read in my "Valkyrie Svia" review, that particular "Black Lilith" nukige was a disappointment for me. I was apprehensive going into "Armored Warrior Iris", but suffice to say my fears were unfounded - Iris is a much better nukige in every way.

Armored Warrior Iris Walkthrough

Walkthrough for 100 % completion.


fault -milestone one- Director's Cut Review

Title: fault -milestone one- Director's Cut
Release date: 2013-08-12 (original release) / 2014-08-17 (DC)
English release date: 2014-12-15 (DC)
Publisher: Sekai Project

fault (with a lowercase 'f') is an indie Japanese visual novel, published in the west by Sekai Project. Actually, it's kind of misleading to say that this VN is Japanese, as the main creator is an American living in Japan, and therein lies its greatest strength.