NTRPG2: MarieXmas Mini-Review

Title: MarieXmas
Original title: まりくりマリークリスマス in NTRPG2
Aliases: Marie X-mas
Release date: 2014-12-21
English release date: 2015-02-18
Developer: HANATAKA
English publisher: m1zuki (as a fan-patch)

In my recent review of NTRPG2 I have mentioned that the game seemed to lack in content relating to the protagonist's sister Marie. By the end of the game she is corrupted into a slut, but we are missing most of this corruption. It seems many fans were similarly dissatisfied, as the developer has created a very short (about 30 min) game specifically centering on Marie.

I'm pretty sure the game shouldn't be considered canon to the main storyline of NTRPG2, as not only it doesn't fit anywhere in the timeline of the parent game, it also has a different atmosphere. Where NTRPG2 went for the depressing mood and tried to focus on serious netorare (not always succeeding), MarieXmas is instead a comedic laid back fan-disc. The atmosphere is, well... Christmas-y.
Considering how much energy you are expending, Marie, you could do with a hearty meal.
The protagonist Mars returns to the lead role, but instead of trying to save his crush Filia from the depredations of various perverts, he is delivering Christmas pizzas to the villagers. No, seriously, that is what's happening. Mars dresses as a Santa Claus and goes around delivering six pizzas, and each time he returns after the delivery, he witnesses a sex scene between his sister Marie and Abel the Dragbane. He also peeps on a few scenes that don't involve his sister, and eventually ends up delivering the last pizza to the Ancient One (remember him from NTRPG2?).

In contrast to any previous title in the series, MarieXmas is completely linear. There is no time progression, money system, or the objective list. You cannot even really choose in what order you deliver the pizzas, as the last few deliveries are set in stone. There are however a few small secrets.
I didn't know a Spanish Donkey can be used as a Christmas decoration.
During the conversation with the Ancient One, he invites you to either watch the ending, or go see Santa's H-scenes. If you select the latter, you may return to Marie's house and watch 4 more very short sex scenes that rotate each time you enter the house. Eventually, you will have to return to the Ancient One and watch an ending fit for a true bachelor.

While I liked the fact we saw some more Marie content (even if it's not canon), the execution was somewhat sloppy. None of the sex scenes offer anything new, and all the sex acts were seen before during NTRPG2, even if they involved other girls. Moreover, as mentioned, the four Santa scenes are super short and not very erotic.
What a non sequitur...
Still, it's not a bad fan-disc that brings some much needed Christmas spirit to a netorare game.... :-) It's not an essential sidestory, so you might want to play it after finishing the main game, or you might not. The choice is yours.


  1. Good stuff, just discovered this blog from an old VNDB topic and im pleasantly surprised that its still active. I will definitely be keeping tabs on it. Keep up the great reviews!

    1. Thanks. I would love to write more, but I'm too much of a lazy ass...