NTRPG2 Review

Title: NTRPG2 Yuujun na Filia - Otoko-tachi no Seiyoku Shori ni Sakarau Koto wa Yurusarenai
Original title: NTRPG2 従順なフィリア 男達の性欲処理に逆らうことは許されない
Alias: NTRPG 2 - Obedient Filia and the Unforgivers
Release date: 2014-08-09
English release date: 2015-02-16
Developer: HANATAKA
English publisher: m1zuki (as a fan-patch)
And here we go again... It's the sequel to the iconically named NTRPG - a larger more cohesive game, that while not being a direct continuation of the first game, explores the same themes. That is to say, voyeurism, netorare and useless silent protagonists.

In the tradition of the first game, NTRPG2 is an adventure game made in RPG Maker. I'm not sure if the developer has used a newer model of the engine, or simply the better assets, because graphically the game looks much better. There are still no character portraits or H-CGs present in the game, but even the sprite-only sex scenes are better looking, and you can more easily see the details. Considering I knew that all NTRPG games have such a presentation with no additional graphics, before going in, I wasn't disappointed.
Sadly, the Panty Man never comes out to play again.
The gameplay in NTRPG was unchanging throughout the whole game - you had to meet a certain character at a certain time and place to watch an event. This formula still works for the second part, but it's a bit tweaked - this time the game is divided into phases, and different phases have slight variations of the said formula. I was happy to see that this time the time and money management takes a less important role in the game. In fact, there are no items that could help you skip large swathes of time, though money still may come into consideration, especially if you are aiming for the extended ending. There is also no more pure walkthrough as was included in the first game - we get the objectives in piecemeal as they relate to different phases.
The prologue phase is mostly open-ended. Our protagonist has a vague goal of finding five orbs, but where they are and how to acquire them is a bit foggy. This part plays pretty much like a pure adventure game, where you have to complete certain requirements, in order to proceed. The first phase tightens things a bit, by giving us a list of things to see or do. The second phase tightens even more by removing the list of objectives altogether, and is completely linear, where you walk from one encounter to another. Thus the game is a bit more concerned about telling a coherent story, unlike the predecessor, which was a string of barely related encounters. The third and last phase is completely open-ended. You have a list of objectives, but most of them are optional, and you only need to complete the ones marked with a star.
Is he really what he says he is?
The third phase is a bit tricky, actually. In order to see all the optional content, you need to repeat the third phase over and over again, probably as much as three or more times, because many events overlap each other, and seeing one cancels the other. You can repeat the phase as long as you haven't obtained all the star-marked objectives, so you have to leave at least one star objective for the last, after you have done everything you want to. As many of the events are optional, it's quite possible to miss them, especially because the event list is an asshole, and only mentions where the event starts. Sadly, some events have multiple parts, and you have to search for the continuation yourself. This way I have actually missed the one event that shouldn't be missed - Filia's and protagonist's love scene.

Indeed, just like in the previous game, our protagonist Mars has a chance to experience sexual bliss, but while NTRPG only allowed Leon to enjoy a side character, in the second part Mars' lover has a chance of taking his virginity (though, as I've said, the event is missable).
These dreams will never come true.
The game starts with our protagonist, humble woodcutter, Mars living an idyllic life in a small village with his sister Marie and his childhood crush Filia. Mars is dreaming of becoming a Dragbane - a dragon slayer - and trains with a wooden sword. In stark contrast to the first game, where the characters portrayed no emotions, and we didn't even get to know what Leon thinks about his childhood friend Tiris sleeping around, Filia and Mars clearly love each other, though Mars still remains a silent character, which hugely diminishes the impact of scenes that would normally cause jealousy or heartache.

Mars finds five strange orbs in the village (though what has possessed him to look for those orbs is unclear, other than, you know, you wouldn't be able to advance the game otherwise) and puts them on a grave, where the Ancient One purportedly sleeps. The ground opens up and swallows Mars and Filia, who just happened to come by. As the two traverse the ruins of the structure beneath the grave, they are attacked by a swarm of demons, but just as things seem to be dire, the saviour appears in the shape of Ragnas, the Dragbane.
More like she's doing 'someone'...
Ragnas heals Mars and brings him and Filia back to the village. As Mars awakens from his unconsciousness, he witnesses the sight of Ragnas ravishing Filia. Moreover, she isn't even being forced, but seem to be an enthusiastic participant. Here we first see that Mars is not an emotionless robot like Leon - he is clearly suffering, wants to stay in bed all day, and doesn't even acknowledge his sister. Eventually, he seemingly mostly gets over it, and we can start the cavalcade of voyeurism, where Mars will be able to see Filia used in various places and positions. Filia is not the only women used, as the village elder quickly starts purchasing more and more women for Ragnas, his friend Abel and various village people to screw.

Sooth be told, we quickly learn that this was Filia's fate from the very beginning. She was also purchased by the village to be sexually used, but for some reason that never came up until recently, after Ragnas has started a sexual awakening within the village. Filia, surprisingly doesn't resent her position as a sexual object, and happily goes along with this. Hence, while she starts as a virgin, very little difference between her and the first game's heroine Tiris - both of them are wanton sluts and loving it, which are the best kind of women, as long as you can control them for your pleasure. Actually, Tiris herself appears in the game as a short-lived side character, but she is so underused, that it's obvious the dev simply included her in order to say "Look guys, the games are set in the same continuity"!
'Presents' being more dicks?
Ragnas claims there is a dragon living beneath the village, and he has to stay in the village until he defeats it. His claim feels suspect, and at first I thought he is just an asshole who wants to fuck chicks and is justifying his stay with the dragon, and placating the village people with the gold. Though, I admit it was weird seeing him helping in the village, like building a bathhouse or making better roads. Soon, I have started to suspect a slightly darker plot twist. Were my suspicions confirmed?.... I honestly don't know....

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Apparently there is such a thing as improperly done anilingus.
I loved that the sex scenes in NTRPG2 are a bit more hardcore than in the predecessor. There are more gangbangs, bondage, pissing, and even shota scenes. I don't think it's a spoiler to say that Mars' sister Marie also becomes a part of the festivities, but the way they are portrayed is somewhat.. unsatisfying. I liked that Mars was initially unaware that his sister has also been slutified and became a plaything of Ragnas and co. That way, that scene where it is revealed hits so much harder. That said, the fact we don't see the scenes how she is corrupted is a damn shame. The dev didn't need to show these scenes to Mars - they could have been shown to us, the players through an omniscient third person view. I think there was a backlash surrounding Marie, which is why we got a minigame focused solely on her.
Imagine missing such an orgy...
The game took me 5:30h to beat and see both ending variations. While these are not two different endings, completing some counterintuitive actions will result in a secret epilogue addendum to the main ending. When you are in the final room with the books, choose the leftmost book to see the normal ending. In order to see the epilogue:
1. Go to the gallery room first, and open the single unopened chest. 
2. Choose any other book except the leftmost one, but the second on the left makes the most sense.
3. Sell the item you got from the chest and you will get 99000 gold.
4. Make an additional 1000 gold by selling items (for example, you can cut trees ans sell the logs).
5. Once you have 100000 gold, return to the cave and the room with the books.
6. Choose the leftmost book.
A pity blowjob is better than nothing.
The ending (either with or without the epilogue) is pretty disappointing and deus ex machin-y, and seems to be rushed, but at least it's not the "it was a dream" cop-out from the first game. In fact, the whole last stage of the game seems rushed and some things make little sense. It's like the dev wanted to go weird for the weirdness sake.

I did enjoy the game, and enjoyed it a bit more than the predecessor, but I still don't consider it a particularly well done netorare game. Netorare in NTRPG2 lacks bite, and is mostly simple voyeurism. The characters are pretty one-dimensional, and Mars himself shows real emotion only a few times through the game. That said, the sex scenes were pretty well done, and the adventure elements felt much better integrated than in the preceding title. It could be recommended to NTR aficionados and some casual players too.

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