NTRPG Review

Title: NTRPG Netorareta Tiris -Osananajimi wa Bitch na Niku Benki-
Original title: NTRPG 寝取られたティリス -幼なじみはビッチな肉便器-
Aliases: NTRPG - Netorareta Tiris, the Sex Objectified Childhood Friend
NTRPG Netorareta Tiris - My childhood friend is a bitch meat urinal
Release date: 2014-04-10
English release date: 2015-01-18
Developer: HANATAKA
English publisher: m1zuki (as a fan-patch)
With a title like NTRPG, one wouldn't be wrong to assume the title is a netorare focused role playing game. That is not... exactly the case. While the title is catchy and memorable, it's not really an RPG, but rather more of an adventure game. As for the question: "Is it netorare?", the answer is somewhat complicated.

NTRPG was the first game translated by the prolific fan-translator m1zuki, who has been quite popular some time ago, but then suddenly disappeared with barely any trace. Even all of his translations are now secondhand, due to all of the original links being dead. His first translation attempt is perfectly serviceable; there are some mistakes, and the message when you raise the character's affinity is left untranslated, but otherwise there are no major problems.

NTRPG follows our protagonist Leon, his childhood friend Tiris, their male childhood friend Libido (what were his parents thinking?) and a rich spoiled brat Eric. These four form the core of pretty much the only important characters in the game, with everyone else being basically the background figures.
Not the best advice, but... yolo.
The moment the game starts it looks quite daunting, as you have the whole map of the town, and don't know where to go and what to do. Don't worry though - the game is kind enough to include a walkthrough, which is essential to complete the game. You see, the game is entirely linear - you can follow a single path that ends in the only ending, but the way you follow it is a bit convoluted and counterintuitive. The game is composed of events that happen with a certain character at a certain place and at a certain time of day; there might also be additional conditions, like the character affinity being at a certain level. You would be blustering like a blind man in the dark if not for the aforementioned walkthrough.
You have to sacrifice on the altar of society.
Leon's house basement contains the map of every event, their conditions, and in what order you should do them. It's very easy to follow the guide, and the only event I had trouble with was the last one, but I'll address that in a bit. Now, when you are not doing events, you are trying to reach conditions for those events, and that's where the game somewhat falters, as it can be grindy and somewhat boring at times.

Probably the least exiting part is the start of the game, as the events are pretty slow to begin. Both Libido and Eric need their affinity to be raised to certain values, so you simply will spend time with them, which is frankly not terribly enticing. Moreover, many events only happen on a certain day, so you have to constantly advance time to catch up to these events. This can be done in two ways: Leon's bed allows you to advance time in small increments, while buying sleeping pills will allow you to skip larger swathes of time.
You have interesting hobbies, Leon.
In addition to that, you have to collect about 10000 gold by the end of the game, in order to finish it. This includes the cost of the ring, the bar pass, and various character specific items, like bread or flower medicine. The money can be gained a few different ways. The simplest is by working at the bakery (100 gold/1 time period), at the restaurant (300 gold /2 time periods) or selling various items. In fact, selling items is what will end up constituting the bulk of your income. There are simple sellable items you can acquire that sell for about 50 gold each, but the real value is in the hidden porn magazines that sell for 1000 gold each, which are acquired through character sidequests. For example, raising affinity with a guard will allow you an entrance to the side alley which has the magazine, while purchasing the vine seeds will allow to plant them in a glutton girl's shit, which will result in a vine that grows along the wall of a women restroom, which you can climb to find the hidden magazine.... Not sure if that's the weirdest shit (pun vaguely intended) I have ever done in a video game, but it's at the top for sure... -.-'

So as you can see, you have to manage some stats, like time, money and relationships, to make the events appear, which can be a bit time consuming. Admittedly, once the events start rolling, they happen pretty fast and you have to do less managing.
Everyone can apparently cum a hundred times per night...
If you wonder why I'm taking so long to discuss the plot, well, there is barely any. Leon is a Freeman-like silent protagonist, who displays nothing resembling real emotions. In the beginning we are introduced to the fact Tiris is his childhood friend, but we don't even know if he harbors any feelings toward her. Tiris takes up a job to clean Libido's house, as he's kinda a slob. One evening Leon comes into Libido's house and chances upon Tiris having sex with Libido. He stays to watch and is later given the key by Libido, so he could come and watch whenever he wants.
Soon Leon encounters a rich kid Eric, who confesses to him that he has feelings for Tiris too. Eric goes to the flower shop where Tiris works to confess, while Leon secretly watches. Tiris rejects Eric, but he then blackmails her by saying he will reveal her affair with Libido to Leon, if she doesn't become his sexfriend. They then consummate the blackmail, while Leon once again watches. Now you see, why I said the game's definition as "netorare" is somewhat questionable. This is primarily a voyeur game, where a guy gets of on watching his childhood friend having sex with other guys. Moreover, the characters would have to have some sort of personality for the netorare to achieve its intended effect, while every character in NTRPG is two-dimensional. Their only characteristics are: Libido is a thuggish manslut, Eric is a rich spoiled manslut, Tiris is just a slut and Leon is a voyeur. Additionally, the NTR frequently portrays an innocent party being subjected to corrupting influence, while Tiris is already corrupt. It's implied she's been having sex with Libido for some time before the game even started.
"I love the smell of wet pussy in the morning." -Lieutenant Kilgore... probably.
One might wonder how Eric even knows about Libido's and Tiris' affair, while Libido doesn't appear to ever find out about Eric, but I found an old post by m1zuki, which states that there is cut content not programmed into the game that hints at Eric's family having a labyrinth of hidden tunnels under the town, through which they can observe the inhabitants. M1zuki also postulates the game was rushed and corners were cut, which I agree with. The game does have a rushed feeling, especially toward the end, which was frankly a disappointment.

I have already mentioned that I had problems reaching the final event. That is because of the affinity stat, which is not shown anywhere. You cannot check you affinity with various characters in the menu or anywhere else, and it is only shown when you are actually committing the action that raises it. This led me to completely miss the simple fact that Tiris also has an affinity stat, which didn't come into play until the very end. I couldn't get the final event, because Tiris' affinity was too low and can be raised by going on dates with her, which I also didn't realize. So, in order to get the final event you need to:
What a dutiful girl...
1. Raise Tiris affinity to at least 100.
2. Buy the ring (8000 gold).
3. On Saturday morning invite Tiris on a date, but don't wait for her.
4. Go home and use the bed to advance the time to Night.
5. Go to Tiris house.

If you did everything correctly, you will get the event, which was a major disappointment to me. If the presence of the ring doesn't clue you in, Leon decides to propose to Tiris, which is actually pretty sweet. By this time we are sure Leon is completely on board with Tiris being a slut, so I hoped the game will end with them marrying each other. Seems like these two are a match made in heaven: a slut and a voyeur. Sadly, at this point we get a stinger - the image of a sleeping Leon. Yes, dear perverts, the whole ending of the game was a dream. Actually, I loath to call it an ending, as there is no conclusion. There are few things I hate more than the "it was a dream" cop-out.
Tiris knows who she is.
However, despite the abysmal ending, the game is not bad. I found majority of the events in the game to be pretty kinky and hot. If you have heard of it before, you probably know that NTRPG does not have actual graphics, and the sex scenes are sprite-only. Initially I wasn't sure if I was gonna like such a presentation, but the game managed to surprise me. Some of the events both aroused and cracked me up. On one occasion Leon in waiter's disguise serves Tiris and Eric as they dine in a fancy restaurant, only for the dinner to devolve into a total fuckfest. I believe Leon was quite happy to have the best place to watch the event :-)

Another time, Libido organized an orgy, and even being a good friend, has invited Leon to it, but Leon ended up drinking too much and missing the orgy... Sooth be told, missing an all-out orgy is probably the greatest fear of any red-blooded male. I assume Leon was quite embarrassed about that. You'll see I'm assuming things, because we get no actual reaction from Leon - he's as lifeless as a clay-made golem.
Not even the weirdest thing in the game.
However, the greatest scene was a double voyeurism orgy, where Eric fucks Tiris, while Leon watches, while at the same time fucking Eric's sister Eriru. Surprisingly, NTRPG is not a completely dry game for Leon. While many netorare games would end up without the protagonist getting any pussy, this title does give Leon a chance to pull a pencil out of his pocket. I sincerely wish Eriru had a larger role to play in the game, than a few sessions of half and half. Another major regret I have is that Libido and Eric never properly interact. It would have been so fun for these two to work together to fuck Tiris in some interesting way, but the closest the game came to it was Tiris blowing Libido in a restroom, while she was out dining with Eric. I feel it was a huge missed opportunity not to expand on this.

All in all, the game was a pretty nice nukige with surprisingly hot sex scenes, but the lack of coherent plot or characters that behave like normal humans hurt its ability to make more impact. Moreover, the grinding and time-management didn't complement the game very well. I finished the game in a bit over 6 hours, and I will play the next part in the series, especially as I heard it's much better than the predecessor.

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Final Verdict: 62%


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