What's Mine Is Yours: Season 1 Review

Title: What's Mine Is Yours: Season 1
Release date: 2020-08-29
Developer & publisher: VitalSigns

I am hard pressed to think of another fetish as underrepresented, both among the English translated and originally English language visual novels, as cuckqueaning. Up until now I was aware of only one translated VN dealing with this subject, so I'm really glad that a developer by the name of VitalSigns is making a series of short novels specifically revolving around this fetish. Let's try the first of those novels, and see if there is anything worth reading within.

For those who are a bit confused what the hell is cuckqueaning, it's a direct counterpart to cuckolding, i.e. it describes a woman's desire for her husband to have sex with other people. In the case of "What's Mine Is Yours", that woman is Molly Breckenridge, a 38 years old teacher at an all girl's school. She has been fantasizing about her husband Logan (also a teacher at the school) cheating on her with his students for a long time, and after learning that Logan likes watching "teacher and student" porn, she finally gets enough courage to broach the subject.
Now that's some invitation.
Logan is at first weirded out about Molly's fetish, but tries to indulge her with a fake cheating roleplay, where Molly dresses as one of her students. However, after tasting the fake roleplay, Molly wants to experience the real thing, and posts an invitation to screw her husband on a private student message board. While at first the students are a bit weary and think it's a scam, it doesn't take too long for one brave girl to go for it. After that... well, you cannot stop a stone when it's rolling down the hill.

We play the game as Logan, though some of the other character perspectives occasionally intersperse the narrative. While the game technically has one joke choice, I would still label WMIY as a kinetic novel, as the choice changes absolutely nothing, to the point I have to wonder why it was included. The VN is pretty short, and I have finished it in 2 and half hours, thus it doesn't allow for any complex plot or really fleshed out characters, as at the core WMIY is a nukige. The sex is at the forefront and takes up the majority of the runtime. Despite that, we do learn something about the characters, even if all of them are mostly characterized by their particular fetishes.
Audience makes everything hotter.
Logan quite obviously loves Molly and tries to please her, but he is also overprotective to the detriment of her fantasy. Molly is turned on by the feelings of jealousy, abandonment and heartbreak, thus she wants Logan to pay more attention to the girls rather than to her, which he doesn't always succeed at. In fact, the girls are much better about discerning what really gets Molly's engine running and push her buttons creatively, which bewilders Logan.

That said, Logan does come across as an asshole sometimes. For one, he privately thinks that cucks are even beneath furies on the totem pole... moments before turning his wife into a cuck. He tells his wife that if she cheated on him, no one would find her body, but just minutes later displays a double standard, when after catching his wife is a sexual tryst with a female student promptly, joins in on the fun, because "girl on girl" is obviously not cheating... He arranges a strap-on session for a student, while commenting that pegging is "some freaky shit". These slips make his character somewhat inconsistent, and I'm not sure if he was supposed to carry prejudices against certain kinks, or if it is author's own thoughts peaking through.
Strawberries, man, strawberries...
During the course of the game, Logan interacts and has sexual relations with five students, who, as I have mentioned, are primarily represented by their various kinks.

Chelsey Williams is a somewhat narcissistic girl, who is looking for sexual satisfaction, as most of her lays just cannot cut it where it matters. She is the first of the girls brave enough to proposition Logan for sex, but at the same time she is the least kinky. All she wants is simple sex, usually with some audience in the shape of Molly, but otherwise has no special requests. She is also the least fleshed out, and basically disappears from the game after the first act.

Karen Erikson is probably the most complicated of the girls. Her shear force of personality makes people submit to her, and she has a group of sex slaves that worship her, but secretly she is a masochist, who is looking for a dominant partner. However, even when she is a submissive, she still ends up topping from the bottom, because it's in her nature to turn any situation to her advantage.
Emily thinks she has entered the Twilight Zone.
Emily Lombardo is a studious nerdy girl, and one of Logan's best students. At the same time, she is a straight up exhibitionist, and loves coming to school at night and walking around naked, while imagining someone catching her. It just so happens someone eventually does...

Kendal Brown is a jock whose passion is basketball. Secretly she is also a sadist, whose proclivities really complement those of Karen's. Now, if only Logan could mediate between those two girls who hate each other and get them together...

And finally, Sarah Smith is a shy and studious girl, who everyone would think would be the last to pine for Logan's cock. However, her desires are the ones that are probably the most trouble for Logan to fulfill. After all, Sarah wants to be raped, which poses a challenge, when the very core of BDSM is "Safe, Sane, Consensual".
Terminology is important.
The game ends quite abruptly, basically giving a message that the characters love what opening their horizons has given them, and that kinky sex has brought Logan and Molly even closer together. It's not really a cliffhanger, but it's close to that. Now, I am aware about the negativity that surrounds Season 2, bet I will give it a fair shot when I have the time and will form my own opinion.

Graphically the game is yet another title that uses 3D rendering, but rather than the all-popular Daz, or even Honey Select, I think WMIY uses Koikatsu for rendering. This creates a distinctive look that is not unpleasing to the eye. Moreover, the sex scenes are varied and tickle quite a few fetishes, especially if you are into threesomes, sex with the audience and BDSM. However, there is one aspect of the graphics that is simply atrocious, and that is animations. They are so bad, it was sometimes hard to take the H-scenes seriously. I think it's better not to have animations at all, than to provide such a lackluster effort. I really hope the sequels either improve the animations or remove them outright.
That would give her the street cred.
As far as the sound goes, the game has no sound at all, so you might as well launch your favourite album while playing it. I personally think that soundless games feel a bit empty, and even a few royalty-free tracks would have livened the experience somewhat.
Additionally, the language itself is passable, but there are occasional misspellings, weird phrases and convoluted sentences. The game certainly could have benefited from a few more editing passes to squash all those pesky problems, however I don't think this has impacted my enjoyment much, and I could overlook some strangeness with the grammar.

So to sum up, "What's Mine Is Yours: Season 1" is a short and pretty fun nukige, especially if you like a little bit of spice with your vanilla. And considering it's one of the only few games centered on cuckqueaning, you might want to check it out.

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Final Verdict: 68%


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