Shounen to Chijo Oneesan-tachi no Shiawase H na Apaato Kurashi Review

Title: Shounen to Chijo Oneesan-tachi no Shiawase H na Apaato Kurashi
Original title: 少年と痴女おねえさん達の幸せHなアパート暮らし
Aliases: A Boy and his Perverted Oneesans' Happy H Apartment Life
The Happy Ecchi Roommate Life of a Shonen and Pervy Onesans
Release date: 2014-07-27
English release date: 2015-09-06
Developer: aomizuan
English publisher: m1zuki (as a fan-patch)

I have previously played and well liked a NTR-centric adventure game translated by m1zuki. This time I will continue the exploration of the fetish zone with a femdom visual novel also translated by him. The VN is named "Shounen to Chijo Oneesan-tachi no Shiawase H na Apaato Kurashi", which is a handful, so for the purpose of this review I will shorten the title to "Oneesans".

There are very precious few femdom visual novels translated into English, mainly because the genre is niche even within the VN scene. Not counting "Monster Girl Quest" and "Violated Hero" series, the only true female domination games available in the West are "Discipline" and "Starless". "Oneesans" might not have a budget comparable to these two big names, but it's a very well made, if a bit lacking in courage, effort into the genre.
Asuna knows how to make the first move.
The plot of the game is the most bare-bones affair with no bells or whistles. Our protagonist Sekitani Jun is a timid and docile sixteen year old schoolboy. He is absolutely average in every aspect with no big goals or aspirations. He intends to eventually follow in his grandfather's footsteps and become a Buddhist priest, but that is not really his wish. Jun feels an obligation to become a priest because his father didn't, rather choosing to become a salaryman. In order to enter a religious school Jun has to receive consistently good grades, but he's not that good of a student either. In this particular case our protagonist's averagesness (sic) works for, rather than against, him, especially considering what happens next. In the most cliché visual novel move ever, Jun's parents have to temporarily relocate, leaving him fending for himself. Jun's friend's mother Miyuki is a landlady of an apartment complex and agrees to accommodate the boy during the absence of the parental units. However, to Jun's great misfortune, all the other apartments in the building are populated by perverted nymphomaniac sluts, and just like sharks they smell a fresh virgin in the water.
Miyuki-san doesn't know what kind of hell she brought Jun to, or does she?
First of the sluts is Asuna – a valedictorian and a student council president at Jun's school. She is reportedly such a whore that even our protagonist has heard rumours about her fucking teachers for better grades or engaging in enjo kousai. She is the closest in age to Jun, being only two years older, but she has no more sympathy to him than the other girls.

Mami is a professional pornographic actress and Jun has previously watched a lot of her videos while jerking off. This time he will be able to experience her charms first hand... and first mouth... and first pussy.

Otoha is one busybody of a girl. She is an ero mangaka, moreover she works as a soapland hostess, cosplays, dances and films amateur pornographic videos. Not to mention she finds time to molest Jun. According to her, she used to fuck her younger brother too, until too much sexual stimulation turned him into a vegetable. Now she wants for Jun to become her substitute brother. The idea should make Jun apprehensive, so why does he get so hard thinking about it?
Jun still holds some ideals.
Yuuna is the oldest of the girls. She is a 27 year old corporate businesswoman and Jun's dad's superior. Yuuna has that whole charming refined lady facade going on, but underneath she is no less of a slut than others, with a particular penchant for shotas.

Together all these "ladies" (and I use the word in the loosest possible way) decide to turn Jun into a sex obsessed boytoy. Despite how vicious the girls can be, I would hesitate to call anything they do "rape", because Jun is pretty masochistic about the experience and admits that he likes being taken advantage off. It's only after the sex that he starts feeling guilt and ruminating that he should be studying instead of having sex, because otherwise he won't be able to become a priest. Of course, Jun becoming a priest is the last thing on the mind of those sluts, and they are gonna use any dirty trick in order to turn him "to the dark side". They start their campaign by drugging Jun, using an aphrodisiac, which makes him permanently more sensitive. Then they provide him an over-abundance of sex, in order to make him addicted to their bodies.
"Discreet Molesting of Shotas for Dummies".
It's chilling, but also very hot, how the continuous sexual servitude starts to change Jun both mentally and physically. We can witness the first effects when Jun admits that he doesn't even find his female classmates attractive anymore and wouldn't imagine having sex with them. By barraging a teenage virgin with a constant sexual stimulation, the sluts manage to imprint their voluptuous big-breasted look as the most desirable to him. Moreover, when later in the game Jun tries to masturbate to a porn mag, he cannot reach the orgasm anymore, because by this point only the stimulation provided by the sluts does it to him.

It's not that obvious in the beginning, but the later stages of the game make it very clear that the sluts are purely malicious. They do not care about Jun's well-being - he is just a cock attached to a body for them, and they are going to do anything in order to turn him into a live-in sex slave. In that way Asuna and friends remind my of Leona and co from "Discipline". I'm pretty sure that if there had been any non-slut female characters in the game, these girls would have set out to destroy them too, purely for shits and giggles.
You're a porn star now, Jun, or at least your dick is.
At least Asuna and co are honest about their goals. "We are going to ruin your life", they joke while having sex with Jun, but by that time he is already too far gone to care. Jun's descent is like a train crash – you see it, but you can do nothing about it, and unlike the train crash, you probably wouldn't do anything even if you could; it's just too hot to intervene. The game ending is very abrupt and disappointingly bland without any resolution, and Jun's fate is ultimately left to our imagination. However, the road Jun is gonna travel can be fairly easily predicted. The fulfillment of the precept "Live fast, die young and leave a good-looking corpse" is the most likely final ending for him.

The thing I loved the most about "Oneesans" was the personalities of the girls. Their dirty talk during the sex scenes turned the average VN into a good one. Most of the visual novels would fill the sex scenes with deathly boring slurps, ahs and ohs, but not this one. All the H-scenes have an added verbal domination factor, as the girls describe to our protagonist in great detail what they are doing or will do to him. At the same time we can read the thoughts of our protagonist and experience how he reacts to the proceedings. The H-scenes in this game are long, and usually I get bored during long sex scenes due to the inane and juvenile presentation. I never got bored once while playing "Oneesans", despite the extensive sexual content.
Let's bring some friends into the fun.
In the beginning of the review I called this VN lacking in courage and I have to explain that. The sexual content is very limited despite numerous and long scenes. The game shows very basic vaginal sex, blowjobs, handjobs and boobjobs. That's about it. There is one runaway scene introducing a footjob, but no harder sexual content can be found anywhere. Hell, there is not even any anal! That was severely disappointing. It's like the developers shied away from anything sexually more adventurous than a reverse cowgirl. The lack of sex variety makes later sexual scenes too formulaic, and if the game ran any longer than it did, it would have seriously overstayed its welcome.

As it is now, the game takes about 9 hours to finish and it is completely linear. I wonder why the devs even chose to make it in a Wolf Engine (not RPG Maker, like some would think), if they didn't include any interactivity. Between the sex scenes Jun can walk around, but those sections are 100 % railroaded with no possibility to deviate from the path. These are also the only instances when you can save the game. Yes, "Oneesans" doesn't let you save anywhere and only unlocks the ability in between the scenes. Which makes it highly inconvenient if you have to quit the game in the middle of a sex scene, as the VN, yes, you guessed, doesn't have a skip function either!
Maybe don't shop at this store next time, Jun.
A few technical curdles notwithstanding, "Oneesans" looks very good from a graphical point of view. It has only a few backgrounds and they are absolutely unimpressive, but sprites and CGs are great. The girls are portrayed just as voluptuous as I like them (yes, I love big boobs) and CGs are smouldering hot. The proportions, the positions and the voices all create a well fitting combination. Sure, some of the characters share the same seiyuu, but that makes their effort even more pronounced and they completely managed to sell me the idea of the girls being rotten shameless sluts.

The plot itself completely fails the suspension of disbelief, but that doesn't make the game any less enjoyable. What's most important is that the game has sluts galore, and everyone who loves sluts and submissive boys should give it a try. The game can get quite dark if you let yourself think of what will happen to Jun eventually, but *pffft* who cares about him anyway.

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Final Verdict: 80 %


  1. Anonymous20/5/16 16:12

    If I finish this game, and need something to fill the whole in my heart, do you have any recommendations of something similar besides the Sei shoujo works?

    1. If you mean femdom and you want it in English language, then there are not that many suggestions for you. You can try Monster Girl Quest or Violated Hero series if you haven't played those and are not adverse to RPG hybrids.
      Otherwise, there are no other prominent femdom VNs translated into English.

    2. Anonymous22/5/16 22:33

      So we really need to convince Aomizuan and YAC to continue their good work.

  2. Anonymous20/6/19 23:12

    Can anyone recommend a playthrough video?