One, two, three, start...

So. Ehem, this is my first post and I sort of don't know what to say. I created this blog on a whim really. And the reason that made me create it was simply "rage" at money misspent.
I'm a big fan of the subgenre of games known as visual novels. However, there is very little reliable info about those and many people rely on the written "word of mouth" so to say. Enter "Kira Kira" - a visual novel that everyone on the net praised and I hated furiously, hence money misspent. Thus I decided that we need more opinions on the VNs and this blog was born.
I am a lazy person and can not promise that I will post regularly, but I will honestly try not to abandon this blog. Now, the only trouble is to get readers. Well, time will tell.


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