Kira Kira Curtain Call Review

Title: Kira☆Kira Curtain Call
Original title: キラ☆キラ カーテンコール
Release date: 2008-08-14
English release date: 2010-04-30 in English
Developer: Overdrive
English publisher: MangaGamer


So, in my previous review I have stated, that I bought "Kira Kira" bundle with its sequel/fandisc "Kira Kira Curtain Call" in it. Now it's time to review the damn game and take it off my shoulders.

"Kira Kira CC" is basically composed of two different stories: Souta's desire to become a "sun" and Marakami's struggle with not knowing what to do with his life. So, let's get it out of the system - Curtain Call is no much worse than Kira Kira, but sadly it's no better either. Let's start with the very beginning.

Story No. 1

The protagonist of this story is a crazy, stupid, egoistic, hotblooded jerk by the name of Honda Souta. Hell, he even looks stupid. So, Souta is a victim of a "love at first sight" virus and needs an intensive therapy. Therapy, that comes in the form of Maejima Yuuko - a sister of the first game's protagonist Maejima Shikanosuke, who enforces a rule that Souta cannot come near his unrequited love interest by two metres. We first encounter Souta, as he is being incredibly stupid by rejecting two girls that are ready to throw all their clothes down for him. And all that is because he is madly in love with Yoshimoto Yui... or maybe not. His reasons for that are foggy at best. Well, as I said he's crazy.

Honda's main and only worldly desire is becoming a "sun". Poor boy, no one told him that the sun is composed 3/4ths of hydrogen and it shines by burning itself. At one time in the game Yui calls him on that, but it's not enough to change his vision. So our non-hero decides to make a band and become famous. His first venture into the world of rock'n'roll is an epic fail and he embarrasses himself during the school festival. That unluckily doesn't deter him and lo and behold, he forms a band with his friend Kazuki and two other strange individuals. Now he is ready to rock during a festival at the end of the summer.

In between that our heroes act so stupid, you want to enter the game and slap them... hard. Let's dissect them. Souta is a selfish jerk who wishes for his "love interest" to quit her own rock band, because a guitar doesn't fit a girl and she should focus on things that matter - like becoming good at household chores probably. *facepalm* Yui is no smarter. If I were in her shoes, I would call for a restraining order on this creepy stalker... Oh, wait, there is one already, my bad. And despite everything she let's him stick it in at he end of the game, after which Souta makes the stupidest decision of his life. Seriously, you need to play the game to see how braindead everyone is. The one highlight of this scenario is Shikanosuke's genki sister Yuuko who holds a sort of guardian position for Yui and appears in some genuinely likable scenes.

Only a week passed since I finished the game, but I'm already starting to forget what it was about. I don't think it bodes well for CC.

Story No. 2

The second tale is unlocked after finishing the first one and is unique that it tells the story from a third person perspective. Both Murakami and Souta are employed as the protagonists for this story and in this case they do a passable job. However that is not enough.

The game is set a year after the first story and Souta is still as moronic as ever - the scene with him drunk has to be seen to be believed. Luckily we focus much more on Shikanosuke's friend Murakami from the first game. After the events of "Kira Kira" he formed his own rock band "Happy Cycle Mania" (what's with the friggin' name?). The band has already been operating for five years and Murakami is in deep depression. He doesn't know what he wants to do with his life and contemplates quitting the band. Murakami is being moody during the story, but unlike Souta's his plight is quite believable. Unluckily the story is the shorter of the two. It's without a question that Murakami will pull his shit together and will manage to do a super performance at the end of the game. The thing is, nothing of note happens in between. Murakami sort of falls in love, but that storyline is never fully explored.

This tale is still a bit of a letdown, though not on such scale as the first one.

Characters of Note

Honda Souta. I think I said all I could about him. He's brainded. Just look at his stupid mug for good measure.

Yoshimoto Yui. A meek personality-less girl, who acts all shy during the game. We aren't even sure if she loves Souta or not until the moment she decides to massage his pecker with her lips. How's that for a love confession... She plays the guitar in the Second Literature Club Band 2, but is overshadowed by the leader of the club Maejima Yuuko.

Maejima Yuuko. A leader of her own rock band and a bassist. Like brother like sister... She is an energetic, rude tsundere and has way too few scenes. Seriously, she is one of the two characters in the first story that has any common sense. However, if she was any smarter she would have got a restraining court order put on Souta.

Hayakawa Kazuki. A best friend of Souta's and another person with his marbles in place. The trouble is, he's way too meek for his own good and doesn't steer Souta the right way (towards the pit of poisonous snakes for example >;-)). But even he has a limit to taking crap from him and in a very satisfying scene slugs him right in his ugly mug:-D

Murakami. A bear of a man. Murakami has a very imposing stature and some people are afraid of him, but in fact he is big, gentle fuzzball. In "Kira Kira" he served as a sort of guide towards rock for our characters and later forms his own rock band. He briefly appears in the first story of "Curtain Call" and by the second story he's a main character. Murakami is a bit of a cloud cuckoo lander and a genuinely likable person.


There is only one sex scene in the game and predictably it's between Souta and Yui in the first story. It' not badly made, but nothing of note either. What I was sad about is that Murakami and his probable love interest do not expand or consummate their affection in the second story. I suppose the sex scene would be so much better if you cared for the characters.


A below mediocre first part and above mediocre second part. The game is a mediocrity and there is no reason whatsoever to play it. Even its predecessor "Kira Kira" had some genuinely good moments and those are very scarce here. The thing is I didn't hate "Curtain Call", I just don't think it was worth my time.

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Final verdict: 50%


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