Little Red Riding the Wood Walkthrough

"Little Red Riding the Wood" is a short porn visual novel created by Red Bear and published for free on his Patreon. While the game is quite short, it sports 19 endings, thus this guide is supposed to help you get them all with minimal fuss.

P.S. For some reason there is no Ending 15 in the game. I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature...

Go to the right
[Save 1]
Let's find a nice place
[Save 2]
Be brave (Ending 16)

[Load Save 2]
Beg for mercy (Ending 14)

[Load Save 1]
I must continue
[Save 3]
Find another way
Outfit 1/2/3 (the choice does not change the plot, but the outfit is reflected in a few following scenes, thus you might want to save before the choice and explore all three options)
[Save 4]
Keep watching
[Save 5]
She's dead, let's get outta here!
[Save 6]
Ask to join (Ending 19)

[Load Save 6]
Never! (Ending 04)

[Load Save 5]
Burn the bitch!
[Save 7]
Let's keep the dildos! (Ending 18)

[Load Save 7]
Let's save the poor girls! (Ending 07)

[Load Save 4]
Enough! (Ending 17)

[Load Save 3]
Return (Ending 06)

[Start from the beginning]
Go to the left
[Save 8]
Continue to grandmother
[Save 9]
I'm not a whore!
[Save 10]
Continue to grandmother's house
[Save 11]
[Save 12]
Keep on fighting (Ending 01)

[Load Save 12]
Use your pussy (Ending 20)

[Load Save 11]
Seduce him...
[Save 13]
Continue fucking
[Save 14]
Masturbate (Ending 03)

[Load Save 14]
Try to stop them (Ending 05)

[Load Save 13]
Run away (Ending 13)

[Load Save 10]
Return back home (Ending 09)

[Load Save 9]
Hmm, it sounds like a good idea! (Ending 08)

[Load Save 8]
Go with Lucy to the lake
Red tells her story / Lucy tells her story (different sex scenes, but no influence on the ending, thus you might want to save before the choice and explore both options)
[Save 15]
Run away
[Save 16]
[Save 17]
Run for help (Ending 12)

[Load Save 17]
I can't leave Lucy alone (Ending 10)

[Load Save 16]
Right (Ending 11)

[Load Save 15]
Fuck with them (Ending 02)


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