Moving on... (or not)

So, you have probably have heard about the new Google policy. Specifically the ban on adult Blogger blogs, who will be set to private starting with March 23. Meaning that only I and those I share the keys with will be able to enter my blog. It doesn't necessarily mean that my blog will go dark on the 23rd.

As every blog will be checked manually by Google to determine if they are pornographic or not, it might take months or more for them to get to mine and determine if it offends their sensibilities or not. Still, it is a bad precedent and puts my writing in peril. Due to that I have set up a backup website to continue my blogging.

Go to address and see for yourselves. It's mostly set up and running already.

UPDATE: Google recanted and decided not to implement the said draconian measures anymore. That means I won't be abandoning this blog and both my websites will be active as mirrors of each other. :-)


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